Goddess Gift



A Book About Goddesses
That Reveals the Goddess Within


Imagine a book about goddesses that can help you connect with the sacred feminine that lives within you.

Goddess Gift Book

Goddess Gift: Discover Your
Goddess Type



The Goddess Book
that features a
mini-version of the
popular Goddess Quiz!

Imagine a woman... a woman in touch with her ancient feminine powers, sure of herself, ready to love, laugh, to live—a woman in tune with her inner goddess..

Now, that's a woman with goddess-power!

  Goddess Gift encourages women to be the heroines in their own life stories.
  • Embrace the presence of your personal feminine energy and personality.
  • Connect with your inner goddess. Find ways to make her a vibrant part of your daily life.
  • Affirm your connection to the goddess by consciously living with love, abundance, grace, and purposefulness.

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Goddess Gift Book


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